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Before the independence of South Sudan, the States of Sudan were subdivided into 133 districts. With the adoption of the Interim National Constitution of Sudan [1] and the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan,[2] the ten states of South Sudan are, however, now divided into counties.

The districts are listed below, by state:

Districts of Sudan
Districts of Sudan after South Sudan's Independence (2011)

Al Jazirah[edit]

Districts of Al Jazirah
  1. Al Kamlin District
  2. Sharq al Gazera District
  3. North al Gazera District
  4. Al Mahagil District
  5. South al Gazera District
  6. Um Al Gura District
  7. East al Gazera District

Al Qadarif[edit]

Districts of Al Qadarif
  1. Al Faw District
  2. Al Gadaref District
  3. Al Rahd District
  4. Al Galabat District

Blue Nile[edit]

Districts of Blue Nile
  1. Ad Damazin District
  2. Al Roseires District
  3. Geissan District
  4. Baw District
  5. Al Kurumik District


Districts of Kassala
  1. Seteet District
  2. Nahr Atbara District
  3. Kassala District
  4. Al Gash District
  5. Hamashkorieb District
  6. Al Fushqa District


Districts of Khartoum
  1. Khartoum District
  2. Um Badda District
  3. Omdurman District
  4. Karary District
  5. Khartoum Bahri District
  6. Sharg En Nile District
  7. South Khartoum District

North Darfur[edit]

(Not representing the present state structure)

Districts of North Darfur
  1. Mellit District
  2. Kutum District
  3. Kabkabiya District
  4. Al Fasher District
  5. Um Kadada District

North Kurdufan[edit]

Districts of North Kurdufan
  1. Sowdari District
  2. Jebrat al Sheikh District
  3. Sheikan District
  4. Bara District
  5. Um Rawaba District
  6. En Nuhud District
  7. Ghebeish District


Districts of Northern Sudan
  1. Wadi Halfa District
  2. Dongola District
  3. Merawi District
  4. Addabah District

Red Sea[edit]

Districts of Red Sea
  1. Halayeb District
  2. Port Sudan District
  3. Sinkat District
  4. Tokar District

River Nile[edit]

Districts of River Nile
  1. Abu Hamad District
  2. Berber District
  3. Ad Damer District
  4. Atbara District
  5. Shendi District
  6. Al Matammah District


Districts of Sennar
  1. Sennar District
  2. Singa District
  3. Ad Dinder District

South Darfur[edit]

(Not reflecting the present state structure)

Districts of South Darfur
  1. Kas District
  2. Edd al Fursan District
  3. Nyala District
  4. Shearia District
  5. Al Deain District
  6. Adayala District
  7. Buram District
  8. Tulus District
  9. Rehed al Birdi District

South Kurdufan[edit]

Districts of South Kurdufan
  1. Dilling District
  2. Rashad District
  3. Abu Jubaiyah District
  4. Talodi District
  5. Kadugli District
  6. Lagawa District
  7. As Salam District
  8. Abyei District

West Darfur[edit]

(Not representing the present state structure)

Districts of West Darfur
  1. Kulbus District
  2. Al Geneina District
  3. Zallingi District
  4. Jebel Marra District
  5. Habillah District
  6. Wadi Salih District
  7. Mukjar District

White Nile[edit]

Districts of White Nile
  1. Ad Douiem District
  2. Al Gutaina District
  3. Kosti District
  4. Al Jabalian District

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