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The Gambia is subdivided into 43 districts. They are listed below, by Local Government Area (previously Regions, known as Divisions until 2007), each with its population at the 15 April 2013 Census (provisional returns).[1]

The former Banjul Region is now divided into two Local Government Areas (LGAs) - Banjul City (which is now subdivided into 3 districts) and Kanifing (consisting of a single district).

The former Central River Division is now divided into two LGAs - Kuntaur LGA in the west and Janjanbureh LGA in the east.

Each of the other former Divisions has now become a LGA with no change in extent (although each was renamed after its administrative centre).

Eastern Gambia[edit]

Basse LGA[edit]

Districts of Upper River Division

(previously the Upper River Division)

Janjanbureh LGA[edit]

Districts of Central River Division

(previously the southern half of the former Central River Division)

Kuntaur LGA[edit]

(previously the northern half of the former Central River Division)

Western Gambia[edit]

Banjul LGA[edit]

Districts of Banjul

This Local Government Area encompasses the City of Banjul, consisting of the island of that name (previously called St Mary's Island).

  • Banjul Central (11,697)
  • Banjul North (11,334)
  • Banjul South (8,270)

Kanifing LGA[edit]

This district is the mainland extension of Banjul City, comprising the majority of Greater Banjul. It's coloured yellow on the map above.

Brikama LGA[edit]

Districts of Western Division

(previously the Western Division)

Kerewan LGA[edit]

Districts of North Bank Division

(previously the North Bank Division)

Mansakonko LGA[edit]

Districts of Lower River Division

(previously the Lower River Division)

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  1. ^ Official Census, Gambia Bureau of Statistics, 2013.

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