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Coordinates: 52°43′30″N 2°44′17″W / 52.725°N 2.738°W / 52.725; -2.738

Ditherington is a district in the town of Shrewsbury, county town of Shropshire, England. It is the fourth most deprived ward in non-metropolitan Shropshire.

There has been much regeneration work in the southern part of Ditherington, which is close to Shrewsbury town centre. Various residential developments have occurred, but little has been finished.

Ditherington Flax Mill[edit]

Section of the rear of the main part of the Flaxmill

The Flax Mill (also locally known as the "Maltings") there is the oldest iron framed building in the world and is seen as the "grandfather of skyscrapers". It was designed by Charles Bage and built in 1797 for John Marshall of Leeds and his partners. It is a derelict Grade I listed building, but is in the hands of English Heritage, who are maintaining it. In the long-term, it is hoped that the building will be able to make sufficient money to be self-supporting, but reaching this stage will require much investment.


The Shrewsbury and Newport Canal terminated in Ditherington, but no longer exists. This may also one day be restored.

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