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Div or DIV may refer to:

  • Division (disambiguation)
  • Divergence, a mathematical operation in vector calculus
  • Divinity, in Master of Divinity, a professional and academic degree
  • Div, a god in the pre-Christian Slavic Pantheon, featuring in the The Tale of Igor's Campaign (Слово о плъку Игоревѣ).
  • Divisi, a music term used in orchestral scores
  • DIV Games Studio, an IDE software using a unique programming language which was designed for game development, developed by Hammer Technologies


  • Days in vitro
  • Desquamative inflammatory vaginitis, an uncommon acute inflammation of the vagina
  • Diversity Immigrant Visa, a United States congressionally mandated lottery program for receiving a United States Permanent Resident Card
  • 504 (number) (DIV), in Roman numerals


  • Div, the New Persian equivalent of Avestan daeva, a kind of supernatural entity with disagreeable characteristics
  • Div, a character in the Penny Arcade
  • Div, a disparaging remark, a slang term meaning foolishness or idiot
  • "Div", a nickname for former South African national rugby union coach Peter de Villiers
  • Div, Steven Smith, a former local New England wrestler who went by the Div Div Monster, but shortened to Div in later years.

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