Divača–Koper Railway

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Divača–Koper Railway
SŽ class 363 between Črnotiče and Hrastovlje.jpg
Class 363 hauled train between Črnotiče and Hrastovlje
System Trenitalia
Status Operational
Locale  Slovenia
Termini Divača
Stations 7
Opened 1968
Operator(s) SZ
Line length 49 km (30 mi)
Number of tracks Single track
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification Electrified at 3000 V DC
Route map
Line to Ljubljana
0 Divača
Line to Sežana (and Triest)
8 Rodik
12 Hrpelje-Kozina
Closed line to Triest
16 Prešnica
Line to Rakitovec
22 Črnotiče
31 Hrastovlje
Line to Koper Port
49 Koper

The Divača–Koper Railway (Slovene: Železniška proga Divača–Koper) is a Slovenian 50-kilometre long railway line that connects Ljubljana and Divača with the coastal town of Koper.


The line is used by the following service(s):

There are also many freight trains operating along this line to the port in Koper.