Diva (comics)

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Publication information
First appearanceStormwatch #1 (March 1993)
Created byBrandon Choi
Jim Lee
Scott Clark
In-story information
Alter egoAlessandra Fermi
Team affiliationsStormwatch
AbilitiesAbility to project deadly sonic attacks; ability to fly

Diva (Alessandra Fermi) is a fictional character appearing in the comic books published by Wildstorm. She is a member of StormWatch.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Daughter of a famous Italian opera singer, Alessandra was gifted with the same talent as her mother. When she passed her first audition with a great opera tenor, the stress made her powers manifest and she broke all the glass in the room, sending window debris at the face of the musician rendering him blind.

She joined StormWatch as a member of StormWatch One under the field command of Battalion. During her tour of duty, she showed the most dedication to follow UN's directives and procedures. That granted her the position of field commander after Battalion's apparent death (to the displeasure of Cannon). Although she and Cannon were involved in a relationship, he turned his back on her out of jealousy and left the team.

She did her leader's job by the book, but was obviously lacking Battalion's charisma and authority.

She was the first fatality of the Despot crisis following the liberation of the WarGuard after the "WildStorm Rising" episode. However, in the wake of the "Worldstorm" event and continuity changes, she was seen alive as a member of Stormwatch Prime in Stormwatch: Post Human Division #1. Worldstorm #2, however, has revealed that the current Diva is in fact the sister of the original.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Diva is a seedling (mutant) whose powers enable her to project violent sonic vibrations with her voice. She can control sonic vibrations so precisely that she can use them to lift objects or cause them to vibrate and explode. Diva can also use her powers to fly.