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Mallarmé - Divagations.djvu
First edition title page
Author Stéphane Mallarmé
Country France
Language French
Publisher Bibliothéque-Charpentier
Publication date
Pages 377

Divagations is an 1897 prose collection by the French writer Stéphane Mallarmé. The book introduces the idea of "critical poems", a mixture between critical essays and prose poems. The book is divided into two parts, first a series of prose poems, and then the actual "divagations" - "wanderings" or "ravings".[1]


  • "Anecdotes or Poems"
  • "Volumes on My Divan"
  • "Capsule Sketches and Full-Length Portraits"
  • "Richard Wagner"
  • "Scribbled at the Theater"
  • "Crisis of Verse"
  • "About the Book"
  • "The Mystery in Letters"
  • "Services"
  • "Important Miscellaneous News Briefs"

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