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Divaldo Pereira Franco
Divaldo Pereira Franco

(1927-05-05) 5 May 1927 (age 92)
Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil

Divaldo Pereira Franco (born May 5, 1927 in Feira de Santana, Brazil) is a prominent Spiritist speaker and medium.[1][2][3]

He represented Spiritism as a delegate to the United Nations August 28–31st, 2000, Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders.[4] After the death of Brazilian medium Chico Xavier in 2002, Divaldo became the most representative figure of Spiritism worldwide.[5][failed verification]

On March 12, 2004, Divaldo presented the seminar Understanding Spiritual and Mental Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, in Baltimore.[6]

"Divaldo Pereira Franco offers a psychologized counterpoint to the popular Spiritism paradigm established around the work of Chico Xavier".[7]

"Divaldo Pereira Franco had a prevalent role in the implantation and consolidation of the Spiritist Movement in the United States."[8]

Books about Divaldo[edit]

  • "Divaldo, médium ou gênio?" - by journalist Fernando Pinto, 1976, 160 pags;
  • "Moldando o Terceiro Milênio - Life and work of Divaldo Pereira Franco" - By journalist Fernando Worm;
  • "O Semeador de Estrelas" - By Suely Caldas Schubert Stories about Divaldo's life;
  • "Viagens e entrevistas" - By Yvon Luz. Different interviews with Divaldo.

Books by Divaldo translated to English[edit]

  • Child of God (1986)
  • Recipes for Peace (1996)
  • Self-Discovery: An Inner Search (2005)
  • Living and Loving (Audio CD - 2005)
  • The Dynamics of Our Sixth Sense (2006)
  • Obsession (1979)
  • I Love Myself, I Am Addiction-free: Spiritual Tools to Fight Addiction (2005)
  • The New Generation: The Spiritist View on Indigo and Crystal Children with Vanessa Anseloni (2007)
  • Open Your Heart and Find Happiness (2006)
  • Therapeutic Visualizations - (Audio CD - 2005)
  • Understanding Spiritual and Mental Health (2005)


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