Dive (Maaya Sakamoto album)

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DIVE album.jpg
Studio album by Maaya Sakamoto
Released December 19, 1998
Recorded 1996, 1997
Genre J-Pop
Length 52:05
Label Victor Entertainment
VICL-60320 (Japan, CD)
Producer Yoko Kanno
Maaya Sakamoto chronology
Single Collection+ Hotchpotch
Singles from Dive
  1. "Hashiru"
    Released: November 21, 1998

Dive is the second studio album released by Japanese singer Maaya Sakamoto.[1] As the first album, Yoko Kanno produced this album as well.[2] Lyrics of the album's songs were written by Sakamoto and Yūho Iwasato, except "Baby Face" and "Heavenly Blue" were co-written with Tim Jensen.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Yoko Kanno.

CD (VICL-60320)
No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "I.D." Maaya Sakamoto 4:41
2. "Hashiru (Album Ver.) (走る?, Run)" Yūho Iwasato 5:34
3. "Baby Face" Tim Jensen 4:40
4. "Getsuyou no Asa (月曜の朝?, Monday Morning)" Yūho Iwasato 4:07
5. "Pilot (パイロット?, Pairoto)" Maaya Sakamoto 3:56
6. "Heavenly Blue" Tim Jensen 4:49
7. "Peace (ピース?, Pīsu)" Maaya Sakamoto 4:51
8. "Yucca (ユッカ?)" Yūho Iwasato 4:54
9. "Neko to Inu (ねこといぬ?, Cat and Dog)" Maaya Sakamoto 4:04
10. "Kodoku (孤独?, Isolation)" Yūho Iwasato 4:58
11. "Dive" Yūho Iwasato 5:26
Total length: 52:05


Chart Peak
Oricon Weekly Albums 44[3] 13,400