Divina Enema

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Divina Enema
Origin Minsk, Belarus
Genres Avant-garde metal
Gothic metal
Progressive metal
Symphonic metal
Extreme metal
Years active 1998–present
Labels Code666 Records
Great White North Records
Grind It Records
Eldrich Music
More Hate Productions
Members Yaroslav A. Burakoff
Alexander Savenok
Artiom Athrashevski
Tikhon S. Zolotov
Alexei S. Zolotov
Past members Timofey V. Kasperovich
Boyan Yovchev (R.I.P.)
Alexander Kaleinick

Divina Enema is an avant-garde metal band from Belarus. They create their sound by using elements from many different genres, including gothic, black, death, progressive, and symphonic metal, and even electronic music.[citation needed] They had released two full-length albums through divisions of the notable Canadian underground record label Great White North Records, before the label went defunct. They have since been signed to the well known indie metal label Code666 Records,[1]


Current members[edit]

  • Yaroslav A. Burakoff – Vocals
  • Alexander Savenok – Guitar
  • Artiom Athrashevski – Guitar
  • Tikhon S. Zolotov – Bass
  • Alexei S. Zolotov – Drums

Former members[edit]

  • Boyan Yovchev (1999–2000, R.I.P. 2000) – Guitar
  • Alexander Kaleinick (2000–2002) – Guitar
  • Timofey V. Kasperovich (1999–2000) – Keyboards



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