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Divine Comedy is a sketch comedy group sponsored by Brigham Young University. It is known for its parodies of Mormon culture.[1] It also conducts other parodies, from their parody of Katy Perry's Firework, entitled Firebolt, to "Sense and Senseless Violence." [2][3]

The group began life in 1994 when a pair of BYU students joined together to form a "clean" comedy group. It took the form of a student club. It no longer has club status under the student union. BYU remains its sponsor "through the Theatre [and] Media Arts Department," that is, it has "the same organization status as Living Legends and other well-known BYU sponsored [sic] groups."[4]

The cast changes from year to year as students leave and join the organization: one prominent former member is Brandon Mull, author of the popular Fablehaven series.[5]


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