Divine Songs (Swamini Turiyasangitananda album)

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Divine Songs
Divine Songs Album cover.jpg
Studio album by
LabelAvatar Book Institute[1]
Swamini Turiyasangitananda chronology
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Divine Songs
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Divine Songs is an album by Swamini Turiyasangitananda, formerly known as Alice Coltrane. It is an album composed of devotional songs from the Hindu religion. The songs are accompanied by Turiya's signature playing on the Wurlitzer organ. She plays the songs on the organ, beginning with the traditional Indian mode but then improvises and stretches it until it turns back on itself musically. Her use of breaks, syncopation and harmonic invention re-image the songs into something original and nearly unclassifiable.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Rama Rama
  2. Keshava Murahara
  3. Er Ra
  4. Madhura Manohara Giridhari
  5. Deva Deva
  6. Chandra Shekara
  7. Om Shanti
  8. Rama Guru
  9. Hari Maravan