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Divinxi (div-ink-see) is a cloud website platform and content management system (CMS) designed as an alternative to custom websites and do it yourself (DIY) website builder platforms such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. It provides professionally prebuilt websites for commercial use by businesses, companies or organizations to publish content on the World Wide Web.


Divinxi went online in June 2010 in beta test form. Early users responded positively and no issues were reported. The full commercial version was completed one month later in July. On the 19th of August Divinxi was awarded by the CSS Design Awards, a global web design community.[1]

The name Divinxi is a word-play on the name Da Vinci and denotes the intelligent design aspect of the Divinxi platform. The first letter 'a' has been replaced with the letter 'i' to form the web design term 'div' which refers to an HTML tag. The letter 'c' in the last half of the name 'inci' was replaced with the letter 'x' in honor of the Mac OS X operating system due to the Divinxi design team's penchant for Apple products.[2]

Version 2 of the Divinxi platform was released in August 2011. The new version included a redesigned and simplified CMS user interface, 50 additional turnkey themes, industry specific pages plus revisions to the overall process to bring the time for deployment down to hours rather than days.[1]

Version 3 included further increases in efficiency, additional e-commerce themes and migration to a cloud based service. Divinxi cloud websites were launched on the 12th of July 2012. Version 3 saw brought gains in productivity and lower prices to purchasers.


Divinxi cloud websites are prebuilt, assembled, set-up and launched by professional designers on behalf of the website purchaser. The website purchaser is only required to enter their web page content such as text, images, video and pdf documents and the purchaser is not required to build a website template or have any knowledge of how to do so.[3]

Secondary features include a content management system (CMS) with a simplified user interface that allows users to add and update their web page content, SEO meta tags, page titles, sub-pages, social links, Google Analytics code, and export submitted email addresses. Further features include a basic CRM (customer relationship management system), anti-spam contact form, web hosting, and 24/7 email support.[4]

Divinxi cloud websites allow users to use their own domain name for greater SEO control are pretested for viewing on PC's, laptops, Macs and mobile devices including iPhones and iPads.


In 2010 Divinxi won a CSS Award from CSS Design Awards[5]


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Divinxi has numerous reports of bad customer service and trying to silence websites. they actually own a webwiki.com and are not letting post a review on a public forum.