Division II (windsurf board)

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Division II
Division II insigna.png
Class symbol
Lechner Division 2.svg
DesignerGeorge Lechner
DesignOne Design
LOA3.9 m (13 ft)
Mainsail area6.7 m2 (72 sq ft)
Former Olympic class

The 1988 Olympics,[1] saw the introduction of Lechner Division II boards. The Division II class used a 6.5 m sail and were round bottomed boards designed for upwind sailing in light to moderate winds.

Although they were difficult to sail downwind and a technical board to sail upwind, they are still the fastest 370 cm (12 ft) board upwind in up to 8 kn (4 m/s) of breeze. The contest for the Olympic board had been between the Davidson (a Swedish design) and the Lechner built in Austria. The final Olympic rig was available less than a year before the Olympics.

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1988 Seoul
 New Zealand (NZL)
Bruce Kendall
 Netherlands Antilles (AHO)
Jan Boersma
 United States (USA)
Mike Gebhardt

Like in 1984, the supplied equipment was rotated daily (except for the rigs).


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