Division No. 4, Saskatchewan

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Division No. 4, Saskatchewan, Canada, is one of the eighteen Census divisions within the province, as defined by Statistics Canada. It is located in the southwest corner of the province, bordering Alberta and Montana. The most populous community in this division is Maple Creek.

According to the 2006 census, 11,086 people lived in this division. It has a land area of 21,364.96 km² (8,249.06 sq mi).


Incorporated communities[edit]



Rural municipalities[edit]

No. Name
17 Val Marie
18 Lone Tree
19 Frontier
49 White Valley
51 Reno
77 Wise Creek
78 Grassy Creek
No. Name
79 Arlington
107 Lac Pelletier
108 Bone Creek
109 Carmichael
110 Piapot
111 Maple Creek
Source: Statistics Canada 2002 2001 Community Profiles. [1]

Other communities[edit]


Indian Reserves



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Coordinates: 49°54′13″N 109°28′47″W / 49.90361°N 109.47972°W / 49.90361; -109.47972