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Australian House of Representatives Division
NamesakeBarrier Ranges

The Division of Barrier was an Australian electoral division in the state of New South Wales. The division was proclaimed in 1900, and was one of the original 65 divisions to be contested at the first federal election. It was named for the Barrier Ranges near the city of Broken Hill in western New South Wales. In 1901, it included Broken Hill, Wilcannia, White Cliffs and Tibooburra and the surrounding pastoral areas. In 1906, it gained Menindee, Wentworth from Riverina and in 1913, it gained Balranald and Deniliquin from Riverina. It was abolished in 1922 with Broken Hill, Wentworth and Balranald being transferred to Darling and Deniliquin transferred to Riverina.[1] It was a very safe seat for the Australian Labor Party, although both its members left the ALP at the end their terms: Josiah Thomas to join the Nationalists, and Michael Considine (a radical socialist) to sit as an independent.


Image Member Party Term Notes
  Josiah Thomas - Swiss Studios 03 (cropped).jpg Josiah Thomas
Labor 29 March 1901
14 November 1916
Previously held the New South Wales Legislative Assembly seat of Alma. Served as minister under Fisher. Transferred to the Senate
  National Labor 14 November 1916
17 February 1917
  Nationalist 17 February 1917 –
5 May 1917
  Michael Considine.jpg Michael Considine
Labor 5 May 1917
Failed to win the Division of Darling after Barrier was abolished in 1922
  Socialist Labor 1920 –
  Industrial Labor 1921 –
16 December 1922

Election results[edit]


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