Division of Fadden

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Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of Fadden 2019.png
Division of Fadden in Queensland, as of the 2019 federal election.
MPStuart Robert
PartyLiberal National
NamesakeSir Arthur Fadden
Electors127,812 (2022)
Area387 km2 (149.4 sq mi)
DemographicOuter metropolitan

The Division of Fadden is an Australian Electoral Division in Queensland.


Since 1984, federal electoral division boundaries in Australia have been determined at redistributions by a redistribution committee appointed by the Australian Electoral Commission. Redistributions occur for the boundaries of divisions in a particular state, and they occur every seven years, or sooner if a state's representation entitlement changes or when divisions of a state are malapportioned.[1]


Sir Arthur Fadden, the division's namesake

The division was created in 1977 and is named after Sir Arthur Fadden, Prime Minister of Australia in 1941. When it was created it included a large area south of Brisbane, from the far south of the city to the Gold Coast hinterland, and was a marginal seat that changed hands between the Liberal Party and Australian Labor Party. A 1984 redistribution pushed it further into Brisbane, and it remained a marginal Liberal seat for most of the 1980s. A 1996 redistribution pushed it into the Gold Coast, and since then it has been a comfortably safe Liberal seat.

By 2004, it had moved almost clear of its original boundaries to become an exclusively Gold Coast seat. It now includes most of the northern Gold Coast, including Coomera, Labrador, Ormeau, Pimpama and Runaway Bay.


Image Member Party Term Notes
  Don Cameron 1968 (cropped).jpg Don Cameron
Liberal 10 December 1977
5 March 1983
Previously held the Division of Griffith. Lost seat. Later elected to the Division of Moreton in 1983
  No image.svg David Beddall
Labor 5 March 1983
1 December 1984
Transferred to the Division of Rankin
  No image.svg David Jull
Liberal 1 December 1984
17 October 2007
Previously held the Division of Bowman. Served as minister under Howard. Retired
  Stuart Robert 2015.jpg Stuart Robert
Liberal 24 November 2007
19 July 2010
Served as minister under Turnbull and Morrison. Incumbent
  Liberal Nationals 19 July 2010 –

Election results[edit]

2022 Australian federal election: Fadden[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal National Stuart Robert 47,190 44.62 −4.10
Labor Letitia Del Fabbro 23,638 22.35 −0.16
Greens Sally Spain 11,353 10.73 +1.73
One Nation Sandy Roach 9,177 8.68 +0.11
United Australia Nathan O'Brien 7,014 6.63 +1.52
Independent Stewart Brooker 4,407 4.17 +4.17
Liberal Democrats Alex Forbes 2,992 2.83 −1.69
Total formal votes 105,771 95.69 +0.60
Informal votes 4,760 4.31 −0.60
Turnout 110,531 86.54 −3.09
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal National Stuart Robert 64,126 60.63 −3.55
Labor Letitia Del Fabbro 41,645 39.37 +3.55
Liberal National hold Swing −3.55
Primary vote results in Fadden (Parties that did not get 5% of the vote are omitted)
  Liberal/Liberal National
  Australian Democrats
  One Nation
  Palmer United/United Australia Party
Two-candidate-preferred vote results in Fadden


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