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Australian House of Representatives Division
Division of Macquarie 2010.png
Division of Macquarie (green) within New South Wales
Created 1901
MP Louise Markus
Party Liberal
Namesake Lachlan Macquarie
Electors 100,689 (2013)[1]
Area 4,374 km2 (1,688.8 sq mi)
Demographic Provincial

The Division of Macquarie is an Australian electoral division in the state of New South Wales. The division was created in 1900 and was one of the original 75 divisions contested at the first federal election. It is named for Lachlan Macquarie, who was Governor of New South Wales between 1810 and 1821.

The division is located to the west of Sydney, and today it covers a large part of the Blue Mountains, as well as the Hawkesbury region on Sydney's western fringe.

The current Member for Macquarie, since the 2010 federal election, is Louise Markus, a member of the Liberal Party of Australia.


The most prominent former member is Ben Chifley, who was Prime Minister of Australia from 1945 to 1949, and was a member of the Australian Labor Party.

Voting patterns within the electorate vary significantly between the Blue Mountains and the Hawkesbury region. At the 2004 election, the two-party preferred vote favoured the Liberal candidate by more than 70:30 in the Hawkesbury region. The result was partially reversed in the Blue Mountains where the result was approximately 60:40, favouring the Labor candidate. This voting pattern was evident in the three previous federal elections up to 2007.

The division has changed hands many times during its long history, but in elections previous to 2007 Kerry Bartlett consolidated his 1996 win to make the electorate a fairly safe Liberal seat.

On 13 September 2006, however the Australian Electoral Commission announced that the seat was to be redistributed. The Hawkesbury towns moved to Greenway while Macquarie moved west as far as Bathurst. The seat then contained the rural service and university town of Bathurst and the working-class towns of Lithgow, Portland and Oberon. This not only restored the seat's connection with Chifley, but erased Bartlett's majority. While Bartlett had previously sat on a majority of eight percent, he now found himself in a seat with a notionally marginal Labor majority of 0.5 percent. Bartlett was defeated by former New South Wales Minister for the Environment and Attorney General Bob Debus at the 2007 election on a 7.04 percent margin.

During the 2009 redistribution, however, Bathurst and Lithgow were shifted to Calare, restoring its 2007 boundaries. The redistribution nearly wiped out Labor's majority in the electorate, reducing it to an extremely marginal 0.3 percent. Debus retired before the 2010 election. Louise Markus, previously the Member for Greenway, reclaimed the seat for the Liberals in this election.


Member Party Term
  Sydney Smith Free Trade 1901–1906
  Ernest Carr Labor 1906–1916
  National Labor 1916–1917
  Nationalist 1917–1917
  Samuel Nicholls Labor 1917–1922
  Arthur Manning Nationalist 1922–1928
  Ben Chifley Labor 1928–1931
  John Lawson United Australia 1931–1940
  Ben Chifley Labor 1940–1951
  Tony Luchetti Labor 1951–1975
  Reg Gillard Liberal 1975–1980
  Ross Free Labor 1980–1984
  Alasdair Webster Liberal 1984–1993
  Maggie Deahm Labor 1993–1996
  Kerry Bartlett Liberal 1996–2007
  Bob Debus Labor 2007–2010
  Louise Markus Liberal 2010–present

Election results[edit]

Australian federal election, 2013: Macquarie[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Louise Markus 42,590 47.36 +2.89
Labor Susan Templeman 27,872 31.00 −1.36
Greens Danielle Wheeler 9,986 11.10 −2.99
Palmer United Philip Maxwell 3,731 4.15 +4.15
Christian Democrats Tony Piper 2,720 3.02 +0.87
Sex Party Mark Littlejohn 1,776 1.98 +1.98
Australia First Matt Hodgson 750 0.83 +0.06
Democratic Labour Teresa Elaro 499 0.55 +0.55
Total formal votes 89,924 94.37 −0.15
Informal votes 5,362 5.63 +0.15
Turnout 95,286 94.63 −0.18
Two-party-preferred result
Liberal Louise Markus 48,987 54.48 +3.22
Labor Susan Templeman 40,937 45.52 −3.22
Liberal hold Swing +3.22


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