Division of Tasmania

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Australian House of Representatives Division
Created 1901
Abolished 1903
Namesake Tasmania

The Division of Tasmania was an Australian Electoral Division covering Tasmania. The five-member statewide seat existed from the inaugural 1901 election until the 1903 election. Each elector cast one vote. Unlike most of the other states, Tasmania had not been split into individual single-member electorates. The other exception was the seven-member Division of South Australia. The statewide seats were abolished at a redistribution conducted two months prior to the 1903 election and were subsequently replaced with single-member divisions, one per displaced member, with each elector now casting a single vote.[1]


Member Party Term
  Sir Edward Braddon Free Trade 1901–1903
  Norman Cameron Free Trade 1901–1903
  Sir Philip Fysh Protectionist 1901–1903
  King O'Malley Labour 1901–1903
  Frederick Piesse Free Trade 1901–1902
  William Hartnoll Free Trade 1902–1903

The Division was split into five single-member seats at the 1903 electionBass (Storrer, Protectionist), Darwin (O'Malley, Labour), Denison (Fysh, Protectionist), Franklin (McWilliams, Tariff) and Wilmot (Braddon, Free Trade).

Election results[edit]


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