Subdivisions of the Gambia

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Divisions of the Gambia

The Gambia is divided into five administrative Regions (until 2007 these were known as "divisions") and one City. The divisions of the Gambia are created by the Independent Electoral Commission in accordance to Article 192 of the National Constitution.[1]

Name Capital Status Population
Banjul Banjul City 413,397 87.78 4,709.47
Central River Janjanbureh Region 226,018 2,894.25 78.09
Lower River Mansa Konko Region 82,361 1,618.00 50.90
North Bank Kerewan Region 221,054 2,255.50 98.01
Upper River Basse Region 239,916 2,069.50 115.93
Western Brikama Region 699,704 1,764.25 396.60

The Gambia is also additionally divided into eight Local Government Areas, of which two are the City of Banjul and the Municipality of Kanifing; these two collectively form Greater Banjul, although the latter now extends to parts of Brikama LGA, the former Western Division. The other six LGAs comprise the former five Divisions, although the Central River Division was divided into two LGAs, Janjanbureh LGA in the east and Kuntaur LGA in the west. The Local Government Areas are further subdivided into 43 districts. Of these, Kombo Saint Mary (which shares Brikama as a capital with the Brikama LGA) may have been administratively merged with the Greater Banjul area.[3]


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