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The Tutuban Centermall which is located inside the vicinity of Divisoria

Divisoria is a commercial center in Manila, Philippines which is known as a place for low-priced goods.

The origins of Divisoria can be traced in the Spanish Colonial Era when non-Christian Chinese traders are prohibited to reside and do business inside the nearby Intramuros. This led to the ethnic Chinese to set up shop in Binondo which caused the area situated near the Pasig River, to become a thriving commercial hub.[1]

With no defined borders, Divisoria spans an area of about 0.5 square kilometers (0.19 sq mi) and is bisected by Recto Avenue. It has gained a reputation for its poorly sanitized streets and poor-quality products but with the establishment of the Tutuban Centermall in 1993, the area saw the rise of other shopping malls which was patronized by those from the relatively higher class.[1]


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