Divorce and the Daughter

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Divorce and the Daughter
Advertisement for 1916 silent film Divorce and the Daughter.jpg
Ad for film featuring Florence La Badie
Directed by Frederic Richard Sullivan
Screenplay by Agnes Johnston
Starring Florence La Badie
Edwin Stanley
Kathryn Adams
Cinematography Charles W. Hoffman
Distributed by Pathé Exchange, Inc.
Release date
December 1916
Running time
Five reels
Country United States
Language Silent

Divorce and the Daughter is a 1916 American silent drama film directed by Frederic Richard Sullivan. The film stars Florence La Badie, Edwin Stanley, Ethelmary Oakland and Kathryn Adams.[1]


Alicia is a poor girl living in the city with her family. When her father receives an inheritance, he is able to follow his dream of becoming an artist and moves his family near an artist's colony in the country. There he falls prey to a scheming widow, and he and his wife separate. Alicia, meanwhile, has become involved with a young man who is the widow's accomplice, and she throws over her former suitor, Dr. John Osborne. The young man is a proponent of free love, but he gets a little too free with Alicia and she beans him with a small statuette. She goes running back to her doctor sweetheart, and her parents decide to reconcile, since their separation obviously isn't doing their children any good.


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