Divya Himachal

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Divya Himachal
दिव्य हिमाचल
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet Divya Himachal Tabloid Himachal This Week
Owner(s) Divya Himachal Prakashan India Private Limited / Bhanu Dhamija
Founder(s) Bhanu Dhamija (Chairman and Mananging Director )
Publisher Anil Soni for Divya Himachal Prakashan India Private Limited
President Inderjeet Pannu (Vice-President Marketing)
Editor-in-chief Anil Soni
Founded 29 December 1997
Language Hindi English
Headquarters Divya Himachal, Kangra-Pathankot Marg, Old Mataur, 176 001.,
Himachal Pradesh, India
Sister newspapers Magazines - Himachal This Week,Aastha(Saturdays),Utsav(Sundays) ,Competition Review(Wednesdays)
OCLC number +911892264713
Website www.divyahimachal.com

Divya Himachal is a Hindi Newspaper of Himachal Pradesh, having circulation in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttranchal and Chandigarh (UT). The newspaper was launched on 29 December 1997 and now has three editions namely Dharamshala, Shimla and Chandigarh with plans of fourth edition in near future. It covers all the areas of Himachal Pradesh with its two editions Dharamshala and Shimla. It is the only newspaper of the state with separate district pullouts for Mera Kangra, Mera Bilaspur, Mera Shimla, Mera Solan, Mera Una, Mera Sirmour, Mera Kullu, Mera Mandi, Mera Chamba, Mera Kinnor and Mera Hamirpur .

Divya Himachal Group is ranked as the No. 1 Media Group of Himachal Pradesh. Divya Himachal also organizes state's most popular events: Miss Himachal, Mrs. Himachal, Mr. Himachal, Himachal Ki Awaz, Dance Himachal Dance and many more.[1]

The Divya Himachal Group is headed by Bhanu Dhamija, who is also the author of the Amazon bestseller and much talked about, Harper Collins book Why India needs Presidential System that argues for Presidential System for the parliamentarian India. He is the founder and chairman of the Group, which in fact is the largest publishing company in Himachal Pradesh, India. Earlier, in America, Dhamija founded a media company that published trade journals and organized conferences for the magazine publishing industry, becoming in effect a publishers publisher . He was born in Bulandshehar (UP) in 1959, but has lived almost half his life in the United States. After attending Punjab University in Chandigarh, he acquired a postgraduate degree from the Stern School of Business at New York University. He has worked in the financial, computer and media industries in the US and India.

Anil Soni is the Editor in Chief of the group who has over 30 years of experience in the field and has worked with several large media houses of the country. He is also the Director of the Divya Himachal's Premier Events.

Miss Himachal[edit]

This contest was launched in 2010, this beauty and talent pageant is held in association with Femina Miss India, the nation's most credible pageant. In another first, Miss Himachal provided a pathway for the famed beauty and talent of Himachal to a national platform as the winners are assured a fast track to the Femina Miss India pageant. Two of the winners of Miss Himachal 2010 participated in the Femina Miss India semi-finals held in Mumbai.

Himachal This Week[edit]

The leading Weekly newspaper in English with an in depth coverage of the state's most pressing issues and expert analysis was launched in 2009 and has already become the largest selling weekly. Filling a void left by the English dailies coming into Himachal from outside the state, Himachal This Week, provides a weekly summary of news, and opinions of the state's most revered thinkers, all focusing on the issues that most concern Himachal.


This website, launched in 2010, has already become the most visited website for Himachalies around the globe. As the only complete source of information, news, and views about Himachal, the website delivers the complete daily newspaper in Hindi, as well as an exchange for free classified advertisements called Himachal List. The website, updated daily, has also become the favorite network destination for Himachalies interested in sharing their reports and views.

Himachal list[edit]

Modeled after CraigsList, this feature of divyahimachal.com is designed to deliver an easy-to-use exchange for people to advertise any product or service. Complementing the print newspapers Divya Himachal and Himachal This Week this service has become the largest database of matrimonial advertisements for and from Himachalies.

Mr. Himachal[edit]

Launched in 2015, this talent pageant is held in association with Mr. India Organisation, the nation's most credible pageant for men. In another first, Mr. Himachal provided a pathway for the talent of Himachal to a national platform as the winners are assured a fast track to the Mr. India pageant. The winner of first Mr. Himachal was one of the runners-up .

Mrs. Himachal[edit]

Another beauty pagent launched in 2015 makes way for the married ladies to fulfill their dreams by entering into the world of glamour.Adding another badge to Divya Himachal's glory, the first Mrs. Himachal also became the first runner-up for the 2015 Mrs. India Contest.


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