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For the Primal Scream EP, see Dixie-Narco (EP).
Industry Vending machine manufacturing and distribution
Headquarters Williston, South Carolina, United States
Area served
Products Vending machines, parts
Parent Crane Merchandising Systems, a subsidiary of Crane Co.
Website dixienarco.com
A Dixie-Narco DN5000 glass front elevator/conveyence vending machine. This specific model is exclusive to Coca-Cola bottlers.

Dixie-Narco is a major manufacturer of soda vending machines located in Williston, South Carolina. Their main competitors are Royal Vendors and Vendo.[citation needed]

History and description[edit]

Founded in Ranson, West Virginia, the company's production facilities were relocated to Williston in 1989. Formerly a subsidiary of Maytag, it is now a subsidiary of Crane Co., who also owns the Crane National, Glasco Polyvend Lektrovend (GPL), and Automatic Products (APi) brands.

Along with Vendo, Dixie-Narco is currently one of the main providers of vending machines for PepsiCo, particularly in the eastern United States. Dixie-Narco is also a major provider of vending machines for Dr Pepper Snapple Group and a secondary provider of vending machines for The Coca-Cola Company.

Current products[edit]

Glass front vending machines[edit]

  • DN 3800 (small capacity)/DN 5800 (large capacity) - glass front vendor featuring a robotic moving cup that grabs and delivers product to buyer. The product was initially introduced in 2006 as the Bevmax 2EP. The design was updated in 2008 as the Bevmax 3, where the delivery cup height was raised and speeds were increased. In 2009, a further updated version known as the Bevmax 4 was introduced. The Bevmax 4 features even faster vend speeds and is more energy-efficient, optionally using LED lighting rather than fluorescent and meeting Tier 2 (later updated to Tier 3) Energy Star standards. In 2012, an updated version of the Bevmax 4 was introduced, replacing the keypad and vacuum fluorescent display with a color touchscreen LCD, as well as introducing a new integrated payment system with support for credit/debit cards, large bills, coins, and mobile wallet payment. The Bevmax 4 is available unbranded or through select Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Dr Pepper-Snapple bottlers.

Conventional (stack) vending machines[edit]

  • DNCB series - current generation ADA compliant conventional multiprice stack vendor, available in either small (448-7) or large (640-10) capacities.

Discontinued products[edit]

Conventional (stack) vending machines[edit]

Dixie Narco named their stack vendors by how many cans it would hold and a suffix denoting the series(no suffix meant an earlier single price machine), for example a 501E is an E-series vendor that had a capacity of 501 cans.

  • P-series - conventional multiprice stack vendor introduced in the mid 2000s and produced until 2013 (when the new ADA standards for vending machines went into effect), available in either small (504P) or large (720P) capacities.
  • E-series - conventional multiprice stack vendor produced from the mid 1990s to the late 2000s, available in small (276E), medium (501E) or large (600E) capacities. Named for extended cabinet, because it was enlarged fit 20oz. sodas 2 deep
  • ER/R-Series- conventional single price stack vendors, with many shared parts with the E-series, mainly produced for Tropicana and Veryfine Juices.
  • T-series - conventional single price stack vendor, smaller port that was mainly for cans.
  • single price -conventional single price stack vendor, earlier models had a flat front and a protruding port, later models had rounded bubble fronts.

Glass front vending machines[edit]

  • DN 3500 (small capacity)/DN 5500 (large capacity) Beveragemax - previous generation free-fall glass front vendor introduced in the late 1990s.
  • DN 3000 (small capacity)/DN 5000 (large capacity) - elevator/conveyance glass front vendor, introduced in the early 2000s and designed exclusively for select Coca-Cola bottlers. No longer available as of 2009; replaced by the Bevmax 4.
  • DN 3591, 5591, 2145, 2045 - bottle drop glass front vendors, with the DN 3591 named the "Babybev" and the 5591 named the "Bevmax1"
  • DN 3/5800-2, -3 Bevmax 2 and 3, with a robot picker being introduced in the 2, and, after being refined, became the Bevmax 3, which got refined once again to become the current Bevmax 4.

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