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Dixie is a nickname for the southeastern United States.

Dixie may also refer to:


United States[edit]


Film and television[edit]



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Other uses[edit]

  • Dixie (name), a list of people and characters with the given name, nickname or surname
  • Dixie (card game), a card game produced by Columbia Games, Inc.
  • DIXIE, an obsolete protocol for accessing X.500 directory services
  • Dixie baronets, thirteen holders of an English baronetcy created in 1660
  • Dixie Brewing Company, a New Orleans-based brewery that produces Dixie Beer
  • Dixie Center for the Arts, a venue in Ruston, Louisiana
  • Dixie Cup, a brand name of disposable paper cups
  • Dixie Travel Plaza or Dixie Truck Stop, McLean, Illinois
  • Operation Dixie, a post-World War II campaign to unionize industry in the southern United States
  • Dixie Canner, a US manufacturer of canning and packaging equipment

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