Dixie Chopper

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Dixie Chopper
Founded 1980
Founder Art Evans
Headquarters Coatesville, Indiana, United States
Products Residential and Commercial Lawnmowers
Parent Jacobsen/Textron
Website Dixie Chopper Homepage

Dixie Chopper is a brand of industrial zero-turning lawn mower manufactured in Fillmore, Indiana. It was founded by Hoosier Art Evans in 1980. In February 2014 Dixie Chopper was purchased by Jacobsen/Textron.

Dixie Chopper claims to build the world's fastest lawn mowers. The most famous version is a prototype that was built using the jet engine from a Chinook Helicopter. This model was featured on an episode of Home Improvement.[citation needed]

Dixie Chopper Motorcycle[edit]

The company was also featured on an episode of American Chopper where the Dixie Chopper Bike was built by Orange County Choppers and unveiled at Daytona Bike Week in 2004. The Bike featured a modified 1000cc Dixie Chopper lawn mower engine rated at 32 horsepower (24 kW), which after some modifications produced a surprising amount of power despite not being a normal bike engine.

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