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This event is not to be confused with the Dixie Bowl, another college football post-season game staged in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1940s. For other uses, see Dixie Classic (disambiguation).

The Dixie Classic was a post-season college football bowl game played at Fair Park Stadium in Dallas, Texas, following the 1921, 1924, and 1933 seasons.[1] It was phased out in favor of the Cotton Bowl Classic. The 1922 game is famous for the beginning of the Texas A&M 12th man tradition.

Game results[edit]

Date Winning Team Losing Team Location Notes
January 2, 1922 Texas A&M 22 Centre 14 Fair Park, Dallas, Texas notes
January 1, 1925 West Virginia Wesleyan 9 Southern Methodist 7 Fair Park, Dallas, Texas notes
January 1, 1934 Arkansas 7 Centenary 7 Fair Park, Dallas, Texas notes

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