Djamilya Abdullaeva

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Djamilya Abdullaeva
Djamilya Abdullaeva Profile Photo 2016.jpg
Djamilya Abdullaeva, Dubai, 2016
Born (1984-12-14) 14 December 1984 (age 34)
OccupationModel, Singer, Actress
Years active2007–present
Height174 cm (5 ft. 7 in.)
Musical career
Associated actsMusic Single: Oppa Mih-O

Djamilya Abdullaeva (Джамиля Абдуллаева,에브둘레바 자밀라; born 14 December 1984) is a model, singer and actress. She came to notice after her debut on the Global Talk Show (aka Misuda or Chat with Beauties),[1] on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), as a member of the panel in November 2007.[2] She has also released a music track by the name of "Oppa Miwo", translated as "I Hate You, Oppa", in 2008. She began acting in 2012 and starred in the CGV television drama series, Sexy Mong Returns. She has modelled for the Home Shopping Network.

Life and career[edit]

Early life[edit]

Abdullaeva was born on December 14, 1984 in Uzbekistan. At the age of 16, she went with a friend to the Miss Hyundai modelling contest, and she decided to participate in it. She won the competition. She received several offers for other modelling projects following the win, but her mother wanted her to finish her schooling. So for 2 years, she pursued her education. She was later contacted by an international modelling agency, offering her an assignment which led her to eventually move to South Korea at the age of 18 to become a professional model.

At the age of 19, Abdullaeva suffered the loss of her father.


Upon moving to South Korea, she took up modelling for an online shopping platform, as a model for women's clothing apparel.[3] She was also offered a contract to model for the Hyundai Home Shopping Network, one of the three biggest department store chains in South Korea.

She was invited as a special guest to walk the ramp for the Corcaroli and Tulip fashion show for KBS in 2007.[4] She did a "Sexy Queen" themed photo shoot for Star Hwabo in Malaysia (스타화보) in 2008.[5]

In 2008, Abdullaeva represented PaeWang (패왕, Legend of a Warrior), the Korean arcade game, as its brand ambassador.[6]

She made an appearance at the 2008 Baseball Samsung PAVV, SK Wyverns versus KIA Tigers game, throwing out the first ball at the Incheon Munhak Stadium.[7] Abdullaeva also played a celebrity exhibition match with Jeanette Lee at the XTM Billiards Championship during the 2nd Annual Showdown in 2008.[8][9]

In 2012, Abdullaeva did a photo shoot as the main model for the Bubble Bra brand.[10] Following this, she also did a shoot for the 'S' shaped underwear line.[11]

Drama and television[edit]

Abdullaeva debuted on TV on the Global Talk Show (Misuda, KBS2) in 2007.[12][13] The show consists of a panel of young foreign women, residing in South Korea, who share their experiences in Korea, and the discussion topics follow their diverse cultural backgrounds in a talk show format. She attended classes at a university to get a grip on the Korean language for the show. The show also features some talent performances whereby, the international panellists showcase their acting, singing and dancing skills. In one such segment, she performed with girl group and band, Wonder Girls on the song, Tell Me.[14] Following her performance on the show, she was ranked 2nd on the list of top internet searches and news on the web portal, Naver,[15]

She was cast in the main role of a detective in Sexy Mong Returns, a CGV season drama series on cable TV, in 2008.[16] The 4-part series also features the actresses, Jung So Young and Chae Eun Jeong. The 3 detectives are seen solving bizarre cases of sex crimes and social issues.[17]

She made an appearance as the MC of the Mnet reality show, Chase! X-Boyfriend in Season 2 in 2008. The show, as the name suggests, tracks and reunites the guests with their former lovers.[18] She also appeared on the KBS Talk Show Handsome Guys, in the same year.

Later in 2008, Abdullaeva attracted the attention of several viewers for her role on the reality show, Legally Blonde - Dongsangyimong, where she was cast alongside two other models, Jenny and Tatiana. 3 male models were cast opposite these foreign women and the show focused on the comedy that arose from cultural conflicts between couples.[19]

Abdullaeva played a minor role on the sitcom drama Unstoppable Marriage on KBS,[20] in 2008. She also performed a Cha cha cha dance routine in Dancing with the Stars, a competitive dance show on KBS, in 2009.

Afterwards, she spent a short period of time in Dubai, and returned to Korean TV in 2012. She appeared on Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert (주병진 토크 콘서트, MBC) as a main panelist,[21] following which, she made an appearance on the healing talk show, Yeo Yoo Man Man (여유만만, KBS2). She also appeared on the variety show, Happy Together.


She released her debut single Oppa Mih-O (오빠미워) (translated as I Hate You, Oppa), accompanied by a music video, in 2008. She is the first foreign singer to sing in Korean in South Korea. Her song, Oppa Mih-O is inspired by Amore Mio, a song by the Croatian band, Karma.[22]

In the media[edit]

Abdullaeva had confessed to being an admirer of the South Korean actor, Kwon Sang-woo on the Global Talk Show. At the invitation of the actor, she gained the opportunity to meet him during the shooting of the TV Series Bad Love for the KBS Network. .[23][24][25][26]

In an online poll taken in 2008, 35.9% out of a 219610 netizens voted for Abdullaeva as the 'Queen of Coquetry'. She topped the list titled the 'Best Female Star' .[27]

Abdullaeva has also been named the 'Flirting Queen' after the release of her debut digital single, Oppa Mih-O, and its music video.[28]


Talk shows[edit]

  • Global Talk Show (미수다, KBS2, 2007)[29]
  • Handsome Guys (KBS, 2008)
  • Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert (주병진 토크 콘서트, MBC, 2012)[30]
  • Yeo Yoo Man Man (여유만만, KBS2, 2012)[31]
  • Happy Together (해피투게더, KBS2, 2014)[32]

Reality Shows[edit]



  • Oppa Mih-O (오빠미워, 2008)[38]


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