Django d'Or (jazz music award)

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The Golden Django, named after guitarist Django Reinhardt, is an award for jazz musicians in Europe. The trophy is a creation of the French painter Raymond Moretti. It was first introduced in France (in 1992), then in Belgium (1995), in Sweden and Italy (1999) and finally in Denmark (2001).

Belgian palmares[edit]

Since 1995, Belgium has had its own Golden Django ceremony. It was first proposed to reward both French-speaking and Flemish Belgian jazz musicians, but since 2000, only one musician receives the trophy, alternating French-speaking and Dutch-speaking winners each year. The next year, they introduced the new talent award. The ceremony was cancelled in 2004.

Year French-speaking Flemish New talent Special prize
1995 Philip Catherine (guitar) Marc Godfroid (trombone)
1996 Sadi (vibraphone) Bert Joris (trumpet)
1997 Charles Loos (piano) Kurt Van Herck (saxophone)
1998 Fabrizio Cassol (saxophone) Chris Joris (percussion) Jean Warland (bass)
1999 Nathalie Loriers (piano) Jeroen Van Herzeele (saxophone)
2000 Steve Houben (saxophone, flute) Edmond Harnie (trumpet)
2001 Frank Vaganée (saxophone) Nicolas Thys (bass) Robert Pernet (jazz historian)
2002 Philippe Aerts (double bass) Anne Wolf (piano) Rik Bevernage (producer from De Werf)
2003 Erik Vermeulen (piano) Nicolas Kummert (saxophone) Jean-Marie Peterken (organizer of festivals)
2005 Eric Legnini (piano) Pascal Schumacher (vibraphone) Sim Simons (journalist)
2006 George Avakian (Record Producer and Manager)
2007 Pierre Van Dormael (guitar) Pascal Mohy Marc Van den Hoof