Djebel Chélia

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Djebel Chélia
جبل شيليا
Highest point
Elevation2,328 m (7,638 ft) [1]
Prominence1,612 m (5,289 ft) [1]
Coordinates35°19′06″N 06°38′15″E / 35.31833°N 6.63750°E / 35.31833; 6.63750Coordinates: 35°19′06″N 06°38′15″E / 35.31833°N 6.63750°E / 35.31833; 6.63750[1]
Djebel Chélia is located in Algeria
Djebel Chélia
Djebel Chélia
Parent rangeAurès Mountains, Saharan Atlas

Djebel Chélia (Arabic: جبل شيليا‎) is a mountain in Algeria. It is the highest point in the Aurès Mountains which straddle the border between Algeria and Tunisia, and it is the second highest peak in Algeria after Mount Tahat. Djebel Chélia is situated in the west of Khenchela, in Bouhmama county. Abiod Valley begins at the foot of Djebel Chélia.[2]

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