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Djemila Benhabib during a conference at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi in September 2013

Djemila Benhabib (Arabic: جميلة بن حبيب‎) (born 1972) is a Canadian journalist, writer and politician who lives in Quebec. She is of Algerian and Greek-Cypriot descent[1] and is known for her opposition to Muslim fundamentalism.


Benhabib speaking at the London International Conference on Free Expression and Conscience 2017.

She was born in Ukraine in 1972, but grew up in Algeria. Her father is Algerian and her mother Greek Cypriot. [2][3][4]

She was a finalist for the 2009 Governor General's Literary Awards for her non-fiction book[5] Ma vie à contre-Coran: une femme témoigne sur les islamistes.[6][7] Her second book is Les soldats d'Allah à l'assaut de l'Occident.[8][9][10][11]

In 2010, she appeared on the Jean-Marie Colombani invite show on Public Sénat, the television channel of the French Senate.[12]

In 2012, she received Le Prix international de la laïcité.[citation needed]

She was the Parti Québécois candidate for Trois-Rivières in the 2012 Quebec general election, but narrowly failed to defeat the sitting member, Danielle St-Amand.[13]

She was again candidate in 2014, this time in Mille-Îles, but was defeated by Liberal candidate Francine Charbonneau.[14]


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