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Category Sulfide mineral
(repeating unit)
Strunz classification 2.FC.05
Crystal system Cubic
Crystal class Hexoctahedral (m3m)
H-M symbol: (4/m 3 2/m)
Space group Pm3m
Unit cell a = 10.465 Å; Z = 2
Color Greenish yellow, khaki to olive drab
Crystal habit Rounded grains
Mohs scale hardness 3.5
Luster Submetallic
Diaphaneity Opaque
Optical properties Isotropic
References [1][2][3]

Djerfisherite is an alkali copper–iron sulfide mineral and a member of the djerfisherite group. It has the chemical formula K6Na(Fe2+,Cu,Ni)25S26Cl.

Its type locality is the Kota-Kota meteorite (Marimba meteorite), Malawi. It was first described in 1966 and named after professor Daniel Jerome Fisher (1896–1988), University of Chicago.[1] It has been reported from meteorites, copper-nickel hydrothermal deposits, skarn, pegmatite, kimberlites and alkalic intrusive complexes. Associated minerals include kamacite, troilite, schreibersite, clinoenstatite, tridymite, cristobalite, daubreelite, graphite, roedderite, alabandite, talnakhite, pentlandite, chalcopyrite, magnetite, valleriite, sphalerite and platinum minerals.[2]