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This article is about natural region. For a type of spear, see Djerid (weapon).
Natural region
Palms in Tozeur
Palms in Tozeur
Map of the Chott el Djerid area
Map of the Chott el Djerid area
Country Algeria, Libya and Tunisia

el-Djerid, al-Jarīd (Arabic: الجريد‎; "Palm Leaf", Darija l-Jrīd) is a semidesert natural region comprising southern Tunisia and adjacent parts of Algeria and Libya.


The region is characterised by bare pink hills with oases and several chotts (salt pans) such as Chott el Djerid in Tunisia.[1] Economically the area is important for phosphate mining. Major towns include Gafsa and Tozeur.

It remains the principal center of Ibāḍism in North Africa, with remaining Ibāḍī communities on Djerba in Tunisia, in the M'zab in Algeria, and in Jabal Nafusa in Libya. In medieval times, it often formed a politically separate entity under the control of Ibāḍī imams.

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