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Djibo is located in Burkina Faso
Location within Burkina Faso, French West Africa
Coordinates: 14°06′N 1°38′W / 14.100°N 1.633°W / 14.100; -1.633
Country  Burkina Faso
Founded 16th century
Elevation 300 m (1,000 ft)
Population (2012)[1]
 • Total 36,839
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Djibo is a town in northern Burkina Faso. It is situated 203 kilometres (126 mi) north of Ouagadougou and 45 kilometres (28 mi) from the frontier with Mali. It was founded in the 16th century and became the capital of Djilgodji, before becoming dominated by the Massina Empire in the 19th century. It is known for its animal market. The main ethnic group are the Fulani. The spillway of Djibo Dam was the scene of a potentially catastrophic accident involving a cyanide laden truck en route to nearby Inata gold mine on the 29th of July 2011 [1].

Coordinates: 14°06′N 1°38′W / 14.100°N 1.633°W / 14.100; -1.633

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