Djiboutian parliamentary election, 2013

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Djiboutian parliamentary election, 2013
← 2008 22 February 2013 2018 →

All 65 seats to the National Assembly
  First party Second party
  Ismail Omar Guelleh 2010.jpg USN
Leader Ismaïl Omar Guelleh Omar Elmi Khaireh
Seats won 43 21
Seat change Decrease 22 Increase 21
Popular vote 73,817 42,721
Percentage 61.5% 35.6%
Swing Decrease 32.56% Increase 35.6%

President before election

Idriss Arnaoud Ali

Elected President

Idriss Arnaoud Ali

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Parliamentary elections were held in Djibouti on 22 February 2013.[1] After their boycott of the 2008 elections, opposition groups contested the elections as the Union for National Safety alliance.[2] According to government figures, the ruling Union for the Presidential Majority won 43 of 65 seats in Parliament.[3] However, the opposition claimed the figures for Djibouti city were falsified and released alternative results which would have reduced the UMP to 40 seats and increased their total from 21 to 25.[3]


e • d Summary of the 22 February 2013 National Assembly of Djibouti election results
Parties and coalitions Votes % Seats
Union for the Presidential Majority 73,817 61.5 43
Union for National Salvation 42,721 35.6 21
Centre of Unified Democrats 3,554 3.0 1
Invalid/blank votes 2,241
Total 122,333 100 65
Registered voters/turnout 176,878 69.2
Source: Adam Carr's Election Archive


On 26 February 2013, UNS spokesman Daher Ahmed Farah said police fired tear gas on demonstrators that were protesting the election results. 300 people were arrested. "The situation is tense," Farah said. "The opposition won the elections and the victory was denied... the numbers were manipulated."[4] The National Assembly began meeting for its new parliamentary term on 18 March 2013. Idriss Arnaoud Ali was re-elected without opposition as President of the National Assembly. 10 opposition deputies were not present.[5][6]


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