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Djinn Chair
Designer : Olivier Mourgue
Date : 1964-1965
Country : France
Materials : Tubular Steel frame. Polyether foam covered in removable nylon jersey.
Style/Tradition : Modernist
Colours : originally red, orange, green, yellow, and other colors

The Djinn chair is an important design of the "Modernist" style, created by French designer Olivier Mourgue.[1][2] Originally called the "Low fireside chair",[2] it is also commonly referred to as the "2001" chair, because of its prominent appearance in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


The Djinn chair is one element of a series of Djinn furniture designed by noted French designer Olivier Mourgue.[1][2] In 1964 the first piece of the series, a chaise longue, was introduced by Airborne in Merignac Cedex, France.[2] The rest of the series was released in 1965, and includes the iconic "Low fireside chair", a two seat sofa, and a foot stool.[2] The set remained in production until 1976.[2]

The name "Djinn" refers to an Islamic spirit capable of changing shape.[1] The design's low profile was an attempt to emulate the informal lifestyle of the time.[1] The set was introduced during a time when growing interest in Eastern mysticism was influencing Western decorative arts.[1]


The stretch jersey covering used for the Djinn series did not wear well.[3] Worse yet, the polyether foam used in construction of Djinn chairs has a tendency to degrade over time, causing the pieces to become unusable.[3] "Things should have a short life," Mr. Mourgue said in 1965, when he was 26.[3]

Djinn chairs were sold worldwide, and in Europe they have become valuable designer collectibles.[3] Values in Europe remain varied depending on condition, with professionally restored chairs selling for $1,000 or more, and sofas for more than $1,800.[citation needed] In the United States the chairs remain largely forgotten,[3] and little effort at restoration has occurred.

A 1964-1965 green Djinn Chaise Longue is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. It was donated by George Tanier, Inc. in 1966 [1]


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