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Djoko Tjahjono Iskandar (born 1950) is an Indonesian herpetologist who studies the amphibians of Southeast Asia and Australasia. He is a professor of biosystematics and ecology at Institut Teknologi Bandung, a university located in Bandung, Indonesia.

He has been the first to describe many species of amphibian, including the Bornean flat-headed frog (Barbourula kalimantanensis) in 1978,[1][2] and, in 2014, Limnonectes larvaepartus, the only known frog that directly births tadpoles.[3] He is the author of The Amphibians of Java and Bali.[4] The monotypic banded watersnake genus Djokoiskandarus is named in his honour,[5] as are several species of lizard and frog.

Taxa named in his honour[edit]

Species described[edit]


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