Dlouhé stráně Hydro Power Plant

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Dlouhé Stráně Hydroelectric Power Station
Dlouhe Strane dolni nadrz.jpg
CountryCzech Republic
LocationLoučná nad Desnou
Coordinates50°05′11″N 17°10′46″E / 50.08639°N 17.17944°E / 50.08639; 17.17944Coordinates: 50°05′11″N 17°10′46″E / 50.08639°N 17.17944°E / 50.08639; 17.17944
Construction began1978
Opening date1996
Owner(s)ČEZ Group
Upper reservoir
Total capacity2.72 million m³.
Lower reservoir
Total capacity3.4 million m³
Power Station
Pump-generators2 x 325 MW

Dlouhé stráně Hydro Power Plant is a large pumped storage plant in the Czech Republic, located on the Desná river. It has 2 turbines with a nominal power of 325 megawatts (436,000 hp) each,[1] providing a total capacity of 650 megawatts (870,000 hp). The elevated reservoir is situated on top of the Dlouhé Stráně mountain, 1,350 metres (4,430 ft) above sea level and the head of turbines is 510 metres (1,670 ft). It has the largest reversing water turbine in Europe[2]


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