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Dmailer Backup
Developer(s) Dmailer
Stable release
3.2.17592 / July 15, 2010
Operating system Microsoft Windows, OS X
Available in English, Czech, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Deutsch, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Portuguesh, Polish
Type Backup
License Commercial

Dmailer Backup, developed by Dmailer, was a backup software for Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems provisory that could back up and restore all of the data of the computer. There were two modes in the application: an Automatic mode which launched a backup for all the user's data (Documents, Video, Music) and a Custom mode to choose what data would be backed up.

This software included an Online service, called Dmailer Online, with 2 GB for free (lifetime), which allowed the user to send online all the existing backup from the app. This service has been suspended and data cannot be retrieved anymore.

From version 3.0, the application is free to use, without license costs.


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