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Dmitri Pavlovich Parsky (Russian: Дмитрий Павлович Парский) (17 (26) October, 1866 - 20 December, 1921) was a Russian general of the Imperial Russian Army during World War I, who fought on the Eastern Front.

In 1893 he attended the General Staff Academy.
In World War I, he commanded the 12th Army from 20 July to 9 September 1917 and the 3rd Army from 9 September 1917 to 8 November 1917.

He was the first battle-experienced Tsarist General to offer his services to the Red Army,[1] explaining his viewpoint thus

"I am far from this Bolshevism you preach. But I am ready to work honourably not only with them, but with anyone, even the Devil and his disciples, if only to save Russia from German slavery."[2]

During the Russian Civil War, he first was commander of the Narva Front and later of the entire Northern Front.

He died of typhus in 1921.

Honours and awards[edit]


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