Dmitry, Prince of Abkhazia

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Prince of Abkhazia
Reign 1821–1822
Predecessor Sefer Ali-Bey
Successor Mikhail
Died 16 October 1822
Full name
Dmitry Shervashidze/Chachba
House Shervashidze/Chachba
Father Prince Giorgi Shervashidze
Mother Princess Tamara Dadiani

Dmitry Giorgievitch Shervashidze, or Umar Bey, was briefly the Prince of Abkhazia in 1821–1822. He was a colonel in the Russian army. He converted to Christianity and was baptised into the Orthodox faith under the name of Dmitry.

He succeeded as the Prince of Abkhazia on the death of his father, February 7 (or November 13) 1821. He was poisoned at Lykhny, October 16, 1822.



Dmitry, Prince of Abkhazia
House of Shervashidze/Chachba
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sefer Ali-Bey
Prince of Abkhazia
Succeeded by