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Dmitry Maleshin is a Russian lawyer, scholar and author in the field of civil procedural law, legal education. He has authored more than 80 peer reviewed articles,[1] as well as contributing to a number of text books and other works.[2] He is currently professor at Moscow State University[3] and a Visiting Professor at Saint-Petersburg University[4] and Higher School of Economics.[5]

Education, teaching and advisory work[edit]

Maleshin received his degrees from Moscow State University in 1999 (Equivalent of J.D)), 2002 (Equivalent of Ph.D), 2011 (Doctor of Law). He is a professor of civil procedural law at Moscow State University.[6] He has also taught and scholared at a number of universities including:

In 2013 Maleshin participated in the Dean's elections at the Law Faculty of Moscow State University and got a majority vote, but the elections were declared invalid.[8] That fact was highly illuminated by Russian mass-media: Kommersant,[9] TVrain,[10] and Izvestia.[11]

Academic journals[edit]

He is the editor-in-chief of the

Member of the editorial boards of the following academic journals:

  • Civil Procedure Review[14]
  • Herald of Civil Procedure[15]
  • Правоведение (Jurisprudence)
  • Исполнительное право (Enforcement Law)
  • University of Bologna Law Review (general student-edited law journal)[16]


He has served as a member on a wide variety of international and Russian working groups, committees and association including:

International projects[edit]

Selected international events organised by Dmitry Maleshin:

  • Annual Conference of International Association of Procedural Law, "Civil procedure in Cross-cultural Dialogue: Eurasia context" Moscow, September 17–21, 2012
  • First Siberian Legal Forum, "Specialisation of Judges and Courts" Tyumen city, October 17–18, 2014
  • Second Siberian Legal Forum, "Administrative Justice: Comparative and Russian Contexts” Tyumen city, September 29–30, 2016[22]

Participated in the following international research projects:

Fields of interest[edit]

  • Civil procedure and culture
  • Comparative Civil procedure
  • Legal Methodology
  • Administration of Legal Education

Selected publications[edit]

  • Editorial. Civil Procedure in Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Eurasia Context[24][25]
  • Russian Style of Civil Procedure[26]
  • Some Cultural Characteristics of the New Russian Code of Civil Procedure of 2002 [27]
  • The Crisis of Russian Legal Education in Comparative Perspective [28]
  • Civil Procedure in Russia, Third edition [29]


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