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Illustration ("History of cities and villages of Soviet Ukraine". Ukrainian Soviet Encyclopedia, 1978)

Dmytro Dedko (Demetrius Dedko, Ukrainian: Дмитро Дедько) was a Lord of Ruthenia in 1340 (1323) – 1349. Commonly thought to be a Galician boyar, he could be one of sons of Yuri I and Varvara (Barbara). Dmytro is possibly the progenitor of Ostrozky family.

Dmytro is mentioned in number of scientific works on history of that period such as "History of Ukraine-Ruthenia" by Mykhailo Hrushevsky, "Die polnische Geschichtschreibung des Mittelalters" by Heinrich Zeissberg and others. The Russian historian Alexander Presnyakov argues Hrushevsky's claims that Dmytro was representative of Liubart in Galicia, rather in his declarations Dmytro states that Galician princes are his ancestors.[1]

Among the most solid historical benchmarks signed by Dmytro in 1341 is a document "Letter to residents of Torun" that survived to our days where he calls to revive economical and social relationships between the city of Torun and Halychyna.

During the Polish-Hungarian aggression against the Kingdom of Ruthenia, Dmytro successfully defended governed territory with support of his brother-in-law Liubartas.

With the death of Dmytro and agreement with the Khan of Golden Horde Janibeg, Casimir III occupied Halychyna in 1349. In return of the Halychyna occupation Poland promised a tribute to Golden Horde.

Dmytro, son of Yuri[edit]

Ukrainian writer Volodymyr Bilinsky argues that Dmytro Dedko is not a "Galician boyar", but rather a true Lord of Ruthenia and a son of Yuri I of Galicia. Bilinsky also claims that Dmytro is a father of Daniil Ostrogski who is also known as Danylo Dmytrovych.

The writer also says that in the Kingdom of Ruthenia there was a diarchy where one ruler governed in Volhynia, while another governed in Halychyna. Bilinsky states that Dmytro governed Halychyna not since 1340, but rather 1323 after the death of both Andrew and Yury II and along with Yuriy-Boleslav Troidenovych (Bolesław Jerzy II of Mazovia).


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Dmytro Dedko
Born: c. ???? Died: c. 1349
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Yuriy II
Lord of Ruthenia
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