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DNA polymerase III subunit beta
E coli beta clamp 1MMI.png
Crystallographic structure of the dimeric DNA polymerase beta subunit from E. coli.[1]
Organism Escherichia coli
(str. K-12 substr. MG1655)
Symbol dnaN
Entrez 948218
RefSeq (Prot) NP_418156
UniProt P0A988
Other data
EC number
Chromosome MG1655: 3.88 - 3.88 Mb

dnaN is the gene that codes for the DNA clamp (also known as β sliding clamp) of DNA polymerase III in prokaryotes.[2][3] The β clamp physically locks Pol III onto a DNA strand during replication to help increase its processivity.[4] The eukaryotic equivalent to the β clamp is PCNA.

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