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The State Establishment "DNIPROPETROVSK MEDICAL ACADEMY of Health Ministry Of Ukraine" not to be confused with "Dnipro Medical Institute" was founded on September 15, 1916 from the Ekaterynoslavsky higher female courses Institute. The Institute acquired the status of State Academy in 1920 and it became the Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy (DSMA) in Ukraine in 1994, and became State Establishment "DNIPROPETROVSK MEDICAL ACADEMY of Health Ministry Of Ukraine" in 2015.

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Ranking & Reputation[edit]

Dnepropetrovsk State Medical Academy is ranked 5000 in the world by WHO .[who?][citation needed]

International Students[edit]

At present there are 2000 + International students studying in DSMA in Under graduate and Post graduate field. Foreign students study here in English Medium and are mostly from India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and 33 other countries from Asia, Africa and from Europe.[citation needed]


It has 4500 students and since its creation has trained about 49,000 doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses. Since 1996, the head of the Academy has been Professor G.V. Dzyak. There is a wide post-graduate course,involving Ukrainian and foreign young doctors.The first supervisors of Ph.MD degree attendants from Arabic countries in medical academy were professors: Kryshen Valerii Pavlovich/surgery/,Shkolnick Valerii Markovich/neurology/ and Fedotov Valerii Pavlovich/dermatology/.

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