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Doğuş Holding
Industry Finance/Corporate
Founded 1951
Founder Ayhan Şahenk
Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey
Key people
Ferit Şahenk
Number of employees

Doğuş Holding A.Ş. (Doğuş Grubu) is one of the top three largest private-sector conglomerates in Turkey, with a portfolio of 25 companies that cross industry verticals[clarification needed], including one of Turkey's largest banks, Garanti Bank, as well as high-end Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen dealerships, retail and food stores, construction companies, and tourism businesses. It also has major media interests, organised in the Doğuş Media Group.


Its foundations originally laid in 1951 when Ayhan Şahenk made his first investments in the construction sector and transformed Dogus Insaat into a leading builder of Turkish roads, ports and hospitals. The Doğuş Construction and Trade Ltd. Company was founded June 17, 1966, the same year Antur Tourism, Inc. was founded and Club Alantur in Alanya was acquired. He diversified into banking in the late 1970s. That is now the group's core business, accounting for 70 percent of the family's USD$3.6 billion fortune. But Sahenk kept expanding. While Turkey evolved from a state-controlled economy toward market capitalism in the 1980s, he branched into importing and joint ventures in automotive, tourism and food, with giants like Volkswagen, Sheraton and ConAgra.

In 1989 Ayhan Şahenk's son, Ferit Şahenk, returned to Istanbul with a bachelor's degree in marketing from Boston College. His father sent him to apprentice at Dogus' Garanti Bank. After eight years he moved to the holding company and has kept adding pieces. Beginning in 1998 he acquired two food retail chains and operated NTV, funding the expansion by selling part of the group's Garanti Bank to the public. Understanding that top talent is essential to running a diverse group, he also created a recruitment division, Humanitas. Revenues for 1999 at Dogus Group hit USD$5.7 billion.[1] In April 2001 Ferit took over Doğuş after his father Ayhan Şahenk died at the age of 72. He relinquished some control of the Garanti Bank, selling a quarter of the country's third largest bank to General Electric for $1.6 billion in 2004, which was regarded as an important step towards greater liberalization in the Turkish banking sector, which had been severely affected by the 2001 economic crisis. He also runs Turkish media properties capturing more than 10 percent of country's advertising market.[2]

Characteristics and structure[edit]

The Doğuş Group adheres to a customer-focused and productivity-centered management style while also acting with social consciousness in its determination to generate added value.[citation needed] The Doğuş Group is active in more than 5 sectors, including finance, automotive, construction, tourism and media.

With over 18,000 employees serving more than 5 million customers, the Group's objective is to use human resources and its superior technological capital to create brand value that will ensure customer loyalty and regional growth through global cooperation.[citation needed] Providing its services based upon the principles of customer satisfaction and trust, the Doğuş Group has created and developed respected brands on a world scale and, by adapting to developments in the world, continues to be on the vanguard of change in Turkey.[citation needed]

Doğuş Construction Group[edit]

Part of the Doğuş Group, the Doğuş Construction Group is one of Turkey's largest construction companies and is well known around the world[citation needed] for having a hand in everything from giant hydroelectric power plants to tunnels to consulting services. The company is best known in Europe for its highway and dam projects and completed the main route of the Trans-European Motorway that connects Turkey to Europe.[3]

List of Group Companies[edit]

  • Banking and Financial Services
    • Garanti Bank
    • Garanti Bank Moscow
    • Garanti Bank International N.V
    • Garanti Pension Company
    • Garanti Leasing
    • Garanti Factoring
    • Garanti Securities
    • Garanti Technology
    • Garanti Asset Management
    • Garanti Payment Systems
  • Automotive
    • Doğuş Otomotiv
    • Doğuş Oto
    • DOD
    • vdf Holding
    • Doğuş Motorsports
    • Yüce Auto
  • Construction
    • Doğuş İnşaat
    • Teknik Mühendislik ve Müşavirlik
    • Ayson Sondaj ve Araştırma
  • Media
    • Star TV
    • NTV
    • NTV Spor
    • TLC Turkey
    • e2
    • Kral TV
    • Kral Pop TV
    • Kral World
    • NTV Radyo
    • NTV Spor Radyo
    • Radyo Eksen
    • Kral World Radio
    • Radyo 8
    • Radyo Voyage
    • Kral FM
    • Kral Pop FM
    • National Geographic Turkey
    • National Geographic Kids Turkey

  • Tourism
    • Antur Turizm
    • Garanti Turizm
    • Datmar Turizm
    • Göktrans Turizm
    • Voyager Mediterranean Turizm
    • Arena Giyim
    • Do-Ça Tekstil Temizleme
    • Doğuş Turgutreis Marina
  • Real Estate
  • Energy
    • Boyabat Generation Co.


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