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Doh-ol Kim Yong-ok
도올 선생까지 1인 시위에.jpg
Kim in Gwanghwamun Plaza, October 26, 2011
Born (1948-06-14) June 14, 1948 (age 74)
Alma materKorea University (PhB)
National Taiwan University (M.Phil)
University of Tokyo (M.Phil)
Harvard University (Ph.D)
Wonkwang University (DOM)
Years active1985–present
Korean name
Revised RomanizationDoh-ol
Birth name
Revised RomanizationGim Yong-ok
McCune–ReischauerKim Young-Oak

Doh-ol is the pen name of the contemporary South Korean philosopher Young-Oak Kim (sometimes given as To-ol Kim Yong-ok).

Career and education[edit]

Dr. Kim Yong-ok (literally "Gold Dragon Jade"), best known by his pen-name “Do-ol” (stone-head, a Daoist/Zen reference) is Korea's leading "public philosopher." He was born June 14, 1948 in Cheonan.[2]

Once a leading professor of the Oriental Classics at Korea University, Kim became a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a playwright and movie-director, and is now professor emeritus of Chung-ang University. He is an expert on Oriental doctrines and medicines, and a polyglot. He has been putting out several successful series of books and lectures on KBS TV covering his relevant modern interpretations of classical Daoism (Lao-tzu), the Analects of Confucius and Zen Buddhism (the Diamond Sutra).[3]

Kim graduated from Korea University with a bachelor's degree in philosophy. He received master's degrees at both the National Taiwan University and the University of Tokyo. He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, his paper being about Wang Fuzhi. He also received a Doctor of Oriental Medicine from Wonkwang University.[4]


Kim's theory of philosophy, however, is not fully accepted by either Korean or Western philosophical circles. The philosophy of Ki (Qi, in Chinese) claims the unique revival and reinterpretation of Eastern traditional philosophy to overcome the intrinsic limitations of Western philosophical traditions. Throughout his books, Kim claims that his unique formulation of the philosophy of Ki is revolutionary in mankind's intellectual history. He has published this idea quite often throughout his numerous works, but the philosophy itself seems to undergo the process of development.[citation needed]


In June 2019, Kim was sued for defamation by the family of former president Syngman Rhee for his speeches in his talk show Do-ol Ah-in Going All Directions, where he allegedly called Rhee a puppet of the United States and the Soviet Union who was responsible for the Division of Korea and the mass murder of Jeju people in Jeju Uprising incident.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Kim has one daughter, Miru Kim, who works as an artist, photographer, and arts events coordinator.


TV lecture show[edit]

Year Title Network Role Note
1994 Story Show Meeting: What is Learning? MBC Lecturer 1 episode
1997 Special Lecture: How Are You? SBS 1 episode
November 1999 - February 2000 Laozi and the 21st Century EBS 56 episodes
October 2000 - May 2001 Do-ol's Analects Stories KBS 64 episodes
August - November 2002 Do-ol, Engaging With India EBS 28 episodes
January - May 2004 Special Korean Philosophy Lectures, Who We Are MBC 26 episodes
September 2004 Special Morning Lecture: Do-ol Kim Yong-ok, Rapper Debut? 1 episode
January - May 2006 Special Lectures: Discoursing About History Gwangju MBC 6 episodes
July 2007 Farewell Interview: Do-ol Kim Yong-ok KBS1 1 episode
October 2007 KBS Special: North-South Summit Special Plan KBS2 1 episode
December 2007 The President Who the People Want MBC 1 episode
November 2011 - January 2012 Special Lectures: '중용, 인간의 맛 EBS 36 episodes
2013 Story Show: Pounding KBS1 1 episode
February - April 2016 Special Lectures: China is Do-ol JTBC 12 episodes
2018 Special Lectures: Do-ol Stop MBC 1 episode
January - March 2019 Special Talk Show: Do-ol Ah-in Going All Directions KBS1 Lecturer
Co-host with actor Yoo Ah-in
12 episodes
March 2020 Special Talk Show: Do-ol School Babbling Sung-chul KBS2 Lecturer
Co-host with singer Lee Seung-chul
12 episodes

TV documentary[edit]

Year Title Network Role Note
December 2004 - August 2005 Dool's Korean Independence Movement EBS Director, host 10 episodes


Year Title Role Note
2002 Chi-hwa-seon (Painted Fire) Screenwriter
2016 Goguryeo [8] Director Documentary film

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