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Founded 1995
Website is a website for do it yourself information and an active online community for do it yourself enthusiasts, or "DIYers," to exchange information, tips and advice.

History[edit] was founded in 1995 by David Goldsholle, a former home improvement store owner, as an online community for DIYers.[1] The original focus of the site was major home improvement topics, and these topics continue to be the primary focus. The site has expanded to include car repair, event planning, personal finance] and a range of other DIY activities. The site now claims more than 3 million visitors per month.[2] The site also features an active discussion forum with a membership of more than 155,000.,[3][4][5] The site was acquired Internet Brands in January 2007. Some articles are written by retired contractors who teach DIY topics such as drywall repairs, painting and remodeling,[6] and the site's discussion forum moderators include DIY experts and retired contractors.[7]

In 2007, the site launched a "green" section on environmentally friendly home improvement and repair.[8]

Recognitions and Awards[edit]

  • In February 2009, the site was selected as one of the "Top 10 improvement sites" by[9]
  • In January 2009, named it as one of the "Top 10 Sites for Do It Yourself Projects" [10]
  • In 2006, selected it as one of the top real estate sites, calling the site a place to "satisfy your inner Bob Vila".[11]


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