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DoNotTrackMe, abbreviated as DNTMe,[1] and was formerly known as Do Not Track Plus (DNT+), is a free-of-charge browser extension for blocking trackers on the Internet developed by Abine, a privacy company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and first released, for Firefox, in March 2011.[2]

DoNotTrackMe is available in versions for the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer browsers.[1] In October 2013 Abine said that they could not develop DNTMe for smartphones and tablets due to technology limitations, but were working on other mobile products.[1] Version 34.3.1263 was current as of October 2014.

The purpose of the add-on is to stop many companies (Abine claims the number is over 600) from tracking users across the Internet. It was favourably reviewed by Business Insider[3] and CNET.[4] DoNotTrackMe stops these companies by blocking Internet trackers, which are defined by Abine as "a request that a webpage tries to make your browser perform that will share information intended to record, profile, or share your online activity."[5] These trackers are put in place by companies like Facebook and Google Analytics to track Internet users, and tracking provides benefits for the companies, such as better tailoring of advertisements to users.

Articles on DoNotTrackMe were published in PC Magazine, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN.[6] As of February 2013 the company claimed 1,500,000 downloads.[7]

An associated add-on, MaskMe, provides deletable masked email addresses without charge, and masked telephone numbers for a subscription charge. These masked contact details enable an organisation to contact a user by redirecting communications, without revealing the actual destination.[1] Masked credit cards are available, as of October 2014 to holders of US credit cards only, for a user-specified amount and using a specified Abine billing address.

In November 2014, Abine announced Blur as a replacement for their DoNotTrackMe and MaskMe services, with both free and paid options.[8][9][10]

See also[edit]

  • uBlock Origin
  • Disconnect Mobile - An open source application developed by Brian Kennish and Casey Oppenheim designed to stop non-consensual third party trackers.
  • Ghostery - A privacy and security-related browser extension and mobile application owned by Ghostery, Inc.
  • Privacy Badger – A free browser extension created by the EFF that blocks advertisements and tracking cookies.


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