Do Hanson Ka Jodaa

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Do Hanson Ka Joda
Created byRajshri
Written byZama Habib
Directed byKaushik Ghatak
StarringSee Below
Opening theme"Do Hanson ka Jodaa" by Alka Yagnik
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodesTotal 169
Running time24 minutes
Original networkNDTV Imagine
Picture format576i (SDTV)
Original releaseJanuary 18, 2010 - September 9, 2010
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Do Hanson Ka Joda based on Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi was a soap opera that aired on (now defunct) NDTV Imagine in India on Mondays to Fridays at 9:30 PM IST.[1]


Do Hanson Ka Joda is the story of Preeti, a young girl who always dreamt of a marriage like they show in the movies – 'picture perfect'! But destiny has other plans for her. She finds herself married to Suryakamal, an ordinary looking middle-class man. He is not in any way like the image of her Mr. Perfect that she had always dreamt of. They get married at first Preeti does not like Suryakamal but later realizes how much he loves her. meanwhile Sumi marriage life take a dramatic turn as rishi becomes just like his father. Later Preeti and Suryakamal go for vacation to Suryakamal's aunty's house.they planned to for few days only but Preeti and Suryakamal's aunty forced Suryakamal to stay for few more days but Suryakamal refuses to stay but anyhow Preeti and his aunty made him agree to stay. On the other hand, Suryakamal's step mom and her small bahu makes a plan to call Suryakamal and Preeti home so they call Suryakamal and tell that Sajini is sick and to come back soon by hearing this Suryakamal plans to go back but Sajini call and tells them that she is all right so by hearing this Suryakamal stays in his aunty's house for few more days. Suryakamal's aunty interrupted an intimate moment to tell them that Sajini is in hospital by hearing this Preeti and suryakamal ran to their home and saw everything untidy so they asked their neighbors where is sajini and ammaji so their neighbour told them they went to city hospital Ammaji accused them of loving only one another. Maayaku, Preeti's father leave home Radhika blames chachiji for letting her father in law leaving the house on hearing this veenu shouts on Radhika. After hearing all this Preeti and Sumi go to their Maayaka. After few days Suryakamal meets a girl and his son being troubled by some robbers seeing this Suryakamal goes to help them. After hearing the story of that girl he helps her a lot. By this people thinks dat Suryakamal is loving that girl. When this news goes to Preeti she tries to find the truth. After finding the truth she gets satisfied. On the other hand, Radhika tries to tell veenu the truth of chachiji but veenu does not believe her n keeps shouting on her. After few days Radhika also leaves the home because she cannot stay in that home. Before leaving home she tells veenu to come with her but he does not listen her. After few days veenu comes to know the truth about his chachiji and chachaji. After hearing this he leaves the home and go to Radhika's home to stay with her. On the other hand, Rishi is getting more worse than anything he starts beating sumi like animals so sumi calls Preeti and tells the truth on hearing the truth Suryakamal and Preeti goes to her house and bring sumi along with them. In spite of having so many tensions about sajini's operation they both decide to help sumi also so they call police and tell them the truth of Rishi so the police arrests him and take him along with them. Suryakamal goes to office and reads newspaper and calls on one number and then he goes to hospital for giving one kidney of his to a child for money to do Sajini's operation. Meanwhile, Preeti also decides to go to hospital for discussing about sajini's operation to doctor there she meets a boy from whom she and sumi used to buy DVDs of films. The boy tells that his Aunty is admitted in this hospital. Meanwhile, Suryakamal gives tests to check whether his tissues are matching with the child. When Preeti was entering the doctor's room the DVD boy calls her and tells her to take part with him in a dance competition to get a first prize of some money with which their both problems would be solved. So Preeti ask Suryakamal about this but Suryakamal tells NO because he had already made one arrangement Suryakamal tells the father of the boy to whom he is donating kidney not tell anyone). Next morning Suryakamal left for hospital without drinking tea seeing this Preeti follow Suryakamal and sees that he is going to hospital. After reaching hospital she comes to know about the truth. To know what happens next keep watching DO HASOON KA JOODA Next day Preeti stop surya kamal to do so but Suryakamal said that he can live with one kidney so he did not change his idea. Fortunately Suryakamal's kidney did not match the kidney of the boy. Then Suryakamal permit Preeti to participate in the dance competition with pushker. In the grand finale of the competition Suryakamal dance with Preeti because of pushker accident and they won in the finale. Suryakamal and Preeti become very happy. Sajni operation also become successful. Ma ji called surya kamal baita and also happy with him. After a few days sajni marriage is set with pushker but Reetu is disagree with their relationship, neeraj and ritu leaves home.

Reetu sees her Mam and tells him Sujani is available for marriage, she goes home and tells her mother in law, saying her family are rich. She agrees and says Sujani is to marry him. On the day of the wedding Preeti discovers he is a nasty piece of work, Suryakamal goes to the police station finding proof, he returns and stops Sujani's wedding. some time after she marries pushkur. their mother passes away and Suryakamal promises that he would reunite his family. Reetu's uncle and brother tries to get the house which is under neeraj's name but Preeti gets there in time to make a stop to it. Neeraj learns that his mother dies and finds out Reetu did not tell him, he decided to go back home and tells Reetu to come back with him but she denies and then gets told that he would divorce her.

When they think about playing happy families, Reetu and her family turns up with the police threatening Neeraj that he beat up Reetu which he denies, as the police leaves they say that if they do not sign the property they would send Neeraj to jail. Neeraj tells them that he signed the property in the name of his sister-in-law Preeti. Ritu's family cause many havocs in the house, this is when Suryakamal decides not to give the property away, Reetu's family then kills him. As Suryakamal's death is unaware to the family, they get worried. Ritu's family starts to torture Preeti and she escapes to the different city and finds a lookalike of Suryakamal whose name is Chandaar and is a con and police is looking for him. At first she thinks he's Suryakamal, and then when she learns that his Chandaar she tells him the story of them and asks him to be Suryakamal. He first denies and Preeti disappears, then he realises he can have a go as this would be less risky for him. When he gets to the house he finds out that Suryakamal is dead. He follows them and finds out how they killed Suryakamal, as he follows them he bumps into Radhika who fails to fails to recognise at first and then denies her by saying he's got urgent work. Radhika gets suspicious and tell vinay about it, they come to Suryakamal's house to find out what is happening. Ritu's family finds out that the villagers found a dead body and is confirmed that Chandaar is not Suryakamal and reveals to the house front of the family by claiming that Chandaar killed Suryakamal. Preeti too is found dead and the last scene shows the visargan of Preeti's and Suryakamal's ashes together. They were really a Hanson Ka Jodaa...lived and died together.


Shubhangi Atre as Preeti

She is a 22-year-old girl who lives in the world of dreams. She dreams that one day her knight in shining armor will lift her up in his arms and take her away with him to the land of dreams. She adores films especially the soft romance types. Preeti has not yet realized the harsh realities of life and for her everything is like what it is in films. This soft-spoken-bubbly lass is not only the apple of her parents eyes but is loved by all. Apart from being a dutiful daughter she is very innocent pure at heart. She hails from an upper-middle-class family of Vrindavan. She is traditional at heart and is our main protagonist.

Shaleen Bhanot as Suryakamal

Suryakamal is the male lead of the show and plays Preeti's (the female protagonist's) husband. He is a very innocent, humble and down to earth man. Along with being a very hard working, he lives his life with very strong values. He is not visually appealing but has a heart of Gold. Due to a severe sinus problem he sneezes continuously (and for all you know wears a wig too!). When nervous he starts to speak in monosyllables.

Nivaan Sen as "Neeraj"

Younger brother of Suryakamal and Husband of Ritu. He is very close to his Mother & Respect to Suryakamal.He is Studying in Delhi & staying there in a hostel.

Ali Merchant as Rishi
Hailing from a business class family, he is a 24- or 25-year-old good-looking spoilt brat. Turning a blind eye towards the harsh realities of life, he harbours a very carefree attitude towards life and for him life is all about enjoying, partying and having fun. Rishi is an atheist and does not believe in rituals and traditions. He has taken completely after his father and the motto of his life is “Live Life Kingsize.” He is a wife-beater and beats Sumi mercilessly. He even asked Sumi to seduce a tycoon in the show so as to boost his business.

Nupur Joshi as Sumi
An action films lover Sumi, also cousin of Preeti is a best friend of her too...She is married to Rishi. She is facing many problems due to her marriage.

Reema Lagoo as Snehlata
She is like the ‘Devi’ in the house where everyone worships her. All her decisions are accepted with no questions asked. She is a very Godly person and believes in Krishnaji and she knows that he plays a very big role in helping her make her choices and decisions. She is suffering from a terminal disease but it never shows in her attitude as she is always very positive. She has died in the show.

Sikandar Kharbanda as Lucky Kapoor[2]

Palak Jain as Sajni

Gulfam Khan as Ammaji She is the head of the family and the main negative character.

Vindhya Tiwari as Meera, a simple widowed village girl

Vineet Raina as Vinay

Sonica Handa as Radhika

Praneeta Sahu as Ritu

Prithvi Zutshi as Preeti's Father

Pankaj Berry as Gajendra

Ali Hassan as Dwarka Thakur

Kuldeep Mallik as Sumi's Father


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